Our Old House

Raleigh, North Carolina

Our house at Halloween 1999.
Halloween 1999
Front porch of our house in 1999
Front View Summer 1999
Full front shot of our house with my 1996 Mercury Sable in the drive.  Picture was take in 1999.
Another Front View Summer 1999
Back side of the house showing the addition that must have been constructed some time in the 1950s.  Picture from 1999
Rear View Summer 1999
View from the backyard of our house.  In the foreground in Western Boulevard and in the background is the grounds of Dorothea Dix Mental Hospital
View from the Back Yard Summer 1999

List of Some of the Improvements to the house between the time we bought it and sold it (1999 - 2007)

Items of particular interest:

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