Casey Kaat

1997 - February 8, 2005

Video of Casey!
Casey Video

This morning, February 8, 2005, Casey died from an as of yet unknown pulmonary or coronary condition that progressively made it difficult for her to breath on her own. As we get more information from the post mortem, we will post that information here.  Heather and I are heart broken at this unexpected end for our Casey cat.

AKA "Casey Bear", "Cinnamon Girl", "Psycho Kitty", "Space Case", "Case Cat", "Cat! Leave Oliver Alone!", and "Queen Mother"

Casey was about two years old and was left behind when her family moved to California. She was very friendly and hated to be alone! Such a cutie pie when she would lay on her back with her little paws in the air, but don't try to rub her belly, or you'll pull back a nub!

Casey loved to play with all of the toys that the other cats had ignored for months. Hr favorites were a "Tigger" rattle and a crochet ball with a bell in it.

We brought Casey home from Snowflake after we found that her son. Liam, was the nicest, most loveable kitty that one could hope for.  We figured that Casey would be just like Liam.  Ooops! Not to say that Casey wasn't special in her own way, but she wasn't a clone of her son either.  She really loved any kind of attention and to be very tolerant of children, while Liam is terrified of them. She slimmed-down considerably since we got her in January 2000 with a controlled diet. The picture above shows her very easily able to lay on her back with her flab supporting her. She got to the point where she was no longer able to do this as she no longer had kitty love-handles.

We had to split the house into two halves since Casey arrived, since Sweetie began spraying on the bed and the futon. Now that Liam, her son, and Sweetie had one half of the house and Oliver and Casey had the other half, the house became much more calm.

With the change in accommodations, Casey became quite the snuggle-bug and foot-under-covers attacker. She and Oliver still had their spats, but usually they spent their time lounging about their half of the house.


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