New Front Door


The new front door as seen from the street. Please excuse the lawn. I had just killed and burned the existing bermuda grass in order to replace it with tall fescue.

See the previous front door to the house


Since the door had additional holes and damage that had to be patched, we decided to pain the door a dark color. This was before I had sanded, primed and painted the door. As you can see, the door was shorter than the doorway, so we had Dennis Person add additional height to the door. After sanding and painting, the additional section was not very noticable at all.

The previous door was a solid door with only a small window in the top section. This new door lets in much more light and is much prettier than the previous door. At about the same time as the door installation, we bought and put-up some brass numbers in the craftsman style.


Here's a close-up of the outside door handle. A pleasant surprise was that the style of the face place matched the style of door handles in the rest of the house. This is somewhat surprising since this door and its hardware came from Tulsa, Oklahoma while our house is in Raleigh, North Carolina.


A view from th inside. Eventually, we will get a storm door that does not block the view through the windows in the doors.


The door after sanding, priming and painting

We're planning to get the "Montlake" style wooden storm door from Great Northwest Doors.


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