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PDRM0485 Our current house in Apex, North Carolina.
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                Oliver Sweetie Liam Casey Here are pictures and stories of our cats.  Oliver, Casey and Liam are no longer with us , but Sweetie lives on to bring us a lot of happiness. Plus, we have two new kitten boys named Cookie and Parkour who are maniacs!
Heather and Jeff's Genealogy Heather and Jeff enjoy genealogical work and have published some of their findings.
Carl Gustav Jung - Click for
                Personality Tests Jeff's sister Nancy forwarded a personality test based on shapes. This prompted Jeff to create a page for the personality tests that he has found over the years. On this page, he has converted the test into HTML format for your enjoyment.
PDRM0067 Our old house in the downtown Raleigh neighborhood of Boylan Heights

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