Jeffrey Alan Groves

Photo by Martha G. Perry

The picture Above was taken with my brother-in-law Bill Perry (left) in Greensboro, NC in the spring of 1997.  

IPv6 Certification Badge for jgroves

I received my Technician Class Amateur Radio license from the FCC in June 2005.  My call sign is KI4KNO and I used to spend most of my time on the 2 meter band repeaters in the Raleigh area.

Solar X-rays: Status
Geomagnetic Field: Status

I currently live in Raleigh Apex, North Carolina with my wife Heather, our two sons Isaac and David and our cats
Seti@home has been an intense hobby of mine. It's a distributed computing project to try to find signs of radio waves from distant planets that aren't from natural origins. I have been credited with helping to find one metacandidate for Seti@Home. It is metacandidate (nonbarycentric) candidate SAHMn16+37eak. This is one of the candidates that was reobserved at the Arecibo antenna. Whether or not the signal is from an extraterrestrial intelligence has yet to be determined.
My Extended Family. A funny picture that isn't really representative of my family, but was irresistable.
I'm an avid IRC chatter. I also maintain the Lounge Lizard Yearbook. Jeff's Wish List
I had a heck of a time trying to upgrade the firmware on my Toshiba PDR-M25 digital camera.  I finally figured out what was wrong with the instructions on the Toshiba web site and posted what worked for me.
I am nerdier than 98% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! Quite an astonishing nerd score...

Back a few years ago during the Dot-Bomb era, the News and Observer interviewed me for an employment article.

You are ALTON BROWN, host of "Good Eats"!
Geeky and quirky, a former indie film director
turned foodie, you seek to put science to work
for you in your kitchen. You concentrate on
proper technique, and understanding why it
works. You also take pride in using your
clever wit to debunk popular (read: INCORRECT)
thought about cooking. Youre just a little bit
of a pedagogue, but thats cool, you know what
the hell youre doing.

Which Food Network Personality are you?
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A photo of Heather and I at the 1998 Quintiles Christmas Party. Heather was looking fabulous as ever, while I was looking a bit chunky at the time.
This was me at a golf tournament the spring of 1998. I got a great Sun Microsystems golf shirt, golf balls, and club towel out of this event.
This was taken while sailing off othe North Carolina Coast in September of 1997. This was soon after my first Outward Bound experience and I was still in pretty good shape.

Photograph by James Chapman
This was taken in 1997 at my parent's house in Greensboro, NC. 

I was trying to figure out when the Space Shuttle was going to pass over the house using STS Orbit Plus on my old WorldCom issue Compaq LTE Elite 475.

This is the picture from my old MCI Badge from 1996
This was me having too much fun at Disney World's Adventurer's Club in November 1996. It was a costume party, and I went as Indiana Jones.


INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
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