The Old Krenim Computer Center

The first ever views of the Previous Krenim Computer Center at the old house circa 2004...

When I got the computers off of the floor of the basement at the old house, I figured it was time to show off my set up. The printer was shared on the network using samba so that the Windows machines upstairs can both print to it.


From left to right, "isabelle" (Pentium 100)where the web server from used to run (among other things), the replacement UPS ( I blew up the first one when I got confused by the previous owner's wiring and connected it up to a 220 volt circuit. D'Oh!), "beowulf" (486/66 with a pentium class 133MHz upgrade processor) where the chat server used to runs (among other things), the Linksys Router (top), the Linksys 10/100 hub, and the Old Surfboard cablemodem (provided by Time Warner/Road Runner).

This was the set-up back in 2004. We have since moved to a new house and all of the machines have been replaced with newerish hardware.

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