Liam Cat

1988 - October 1, 2015

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Liam gives two dew claws up to Snowflake Rescue!

AKA "Mr. Liam", "Smudge", "Buddha Belly", "Liam the Leaping Lemur", "Mr. Grey Man", "Kyle", and "Cat! Get out of the trash can!!!"

Liam was born and raised in a trailer park in Garner by a family who left him and his family behind when they moved to California. He didn't even have a name :(. Liam, along with his brother and mother, were turned over to Snowflake Rescue , a no-kill cat haven. There, he was given the name "Kyle" which was the first of many things in his life to change.

Liam Spring 2002

After Jeff and I got engaged, we realized that Sweetie would need a playmate. The main reason being that once we moved in together Jeff's cat Oliver wouldn't get along well with Sweetie.

As a result, we went to Snowflake Rescue and settled on "Kyle", who seemed very laid back, well socialized, and kind.

Liam's Snowflake Rescue Picture. 1999

Once he was adopted, he moved in with Sweetie and me. His name quickly changed to Liam, which suits him. Liam and Sweetie quickly became friends and would often mock attack each other and careen around the apartment playing together. Sweetie started having a lot more fun with a playmate.

Liam Spring 2002

A few months later, Sweetie, Liam and I moved to Raleigh where we lived with Jeff and Oliver. Liam proved to be a most excellent foil to Oliver and helped Sweetie adjust to the change of address. Later we realized that Liam's mother, Casey, was still at Snowflake Rescue and we decided to adopt her too. We figured that she would have to be just like her son -- warm, kind, and friendly to other cats. Well... You can read Casey's page to see what happened.

In 2013, Liam began to have trouble with diabetes. We were able to help him live comfortably with insulin injections for quite a while; sadly, by October 1, 2015, Liam had become very sick due to his diabetes becoming so bad that his blood sugar levels could no longer be controlled with insulin injections. The whole family was hit very hard by the loss of Liam.

Liam in the lambswool window seat. One very contented kitty! Fall 1999?

Liam's interests included:

Liam during a supervised photo-shoot in front of our house. Spring 2000


Liam March 2, 2002

-Heather and Jeff

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