Heating Oil Tank Removal

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Jeff Groves after a lot of hard work cutting the top off of the tank.  Now more hard work left to carefully remove the residual oil
The bottom half of the tank contained residual oil and sludge


Bill Mitchell was the one who made this project happen.  He came up with the ideas and the tools.  Much thanks to him!
Bill Mitchell was the one that came up with the idea to use the dry ice. He also found the reciprocating saw that we used to cut up the tank and the means of containing and mitigating the removed oil


The bottom of the tank after we got most of the sludge removed.  There was still a LOT of work yet to do to make sure that no oil was released into the environment
Here we've used a flat-nosed shovel to scoop out most of the residual sludge. The next step was to use rags to remove the stubborn stuff. You can see a few remaining pellets of dry ice in the bottom of the tank.


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