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AKA "Her Royal Highness", "Sveti Moretti", "Sweetie Cat Fantastico", "Ms. Fluffy Butt", and "Sweetums"

Sweetie came to us as a recently unwed mother of four. As a pregnant stray she was taken care of by a nice family in Durham. When Sweetie showed up one day obviously no longer pregnant, the family figured she had either abandoned her kittens or they had died. They searched the yard but were not able to find them. The children would follow Sweetie around hoping she would lead them to her kittens, but she never did. This went on for four weeks, until one morning the nice family opened the door to find Sweetie sitting on their porch with four kittens. Sweetie, a smart kitty, had been hiding them.

Sweetie continuing to be cute. 2000?

I was living in Carrboro at the time and went with Jeff to a community event where we ran into the nice family. To make a long story short, I got to adopt Sweetie once her kittens were fully weaned. Sweetie then moved into my Carrboro apartment. She spent most of her time stalking my feet and looking out the window.

Sweetie doing her princess kitty pose. 2000?

Sweetie and I then moved to Durham where a year later we got Liam. Soon after, Sweetie, Liam and I moved to Raleigh where we currently reside.


Sweetie's interests include catching birds, sunbathing, tummy rubs, toy mousies, soft fluffy things to lie on and taking unsupervised jaunts through the neighborhood (ack!).

Sweetie tiring of Jeff taking pictures of her. 2000?

Bright-eyed Kitty! Winter 2001


Sweetie getting a drink, Spring 2002

Sweetie's favorite web site is Freddie Street where one of her letters has been published.



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